Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle & Community Development


MAPCU members have over the years excelled in providing quality education to Malaysians and the international community. Whilst our efforts have focused on educating the youth of today and preparing them for their chosen careers, we also encourage our staff and students to be socially responsible citizens who will make an impact by giving back to society. Among the many community services and CSR activities organised by members are an annual sports carnival, organ donation campaign and a community service committee. This is part of ‘giving back’ to society by MAPCU and its members. Individually, members also organize their own social and community activities on a regular basis.

Rules & Regulations


MAPCU Sports Committee Ground Rules:

  1. The Sports Organizer must submit a proposal for a planned event to the Secretary of the MAPCU Sport Committee. The proposal shall include such information as Rules & Regulations and budget of the sport event. The submission deadline of a proposal by organizers to the Secretary shall be at as follows:
    1.  Duration for 2 months shall be granted for proposal of new Sports events.
    2.  Existing events shall be granted 2 weeks submission deadline before the event commences.
    3.  Notice of postponement of any event must be within one week before the date of the event in question.
  2. Organizer of a sport event is responsible for:
    1.  Establishing sport rules according to the respective Sport Association. The rules have to be issued to all participating teams before the tournament commences;
    2.  Coordinating and corresponding with participating colleges in registration, meeting, payment and medals;
    3.  Photo taking and write-up of the sport event and sending a set to MAPCU for publication/circulation;
    4.  Seeking its own sponsors (liquor and cigarettes are strictly prohibited)
    5.  Students can organize or assist in the organization of MAPCU sports events, there must be close supervision and involvement from the respective staff. Staff members shall be responsible for the management and organization of the event, and must be physically present at the venue for the duration of the actual competition or event. No outsider is allowed to organize any MAPCU sanctioned sport events except in the technical aspects of the game. The decision on all matters pertaining to the organization and management of the event is to be made by staff members.
    6.  Events are not to be organized too close before or after festive occasions.
  3. MAPCU sanctions all Sports events with a minimum of 6 participating colleges/universities. Events with less than 6 colleges/ universities are to be MAPCU approved.
    1.  Participating teams (for events less than 6 teams due to last minute withdrawals) will be entitled to receive medals, certificates and points will also be awarded.
    2.  The organizers of such events must inform the MAPCU Secretariat in writing for approval.
    3.  The organizer is solely responsible for the profit or loss in organizing the otherwise the event will automatically be cancelled.
    4.  Withdrawals from any institution which has confirmed participation 2 weeks BEFORE the event commences would be subjected to the following penalties:
      1.  The institution has to pay for the registration fees even though they are not participating in the event.
      2.  No point will be awarded to that institution for that event.
  4. MAPCU would sponsor the challenge trophies for the overall champion.
  5. Champion colleges/universities are to return MAPCU Challenge Trophies to MAPCU Secretariat 2 weeks before the MAPCU annual dinner.
  6. College/University who wins the Championship in three consecutive tournaments is entitled to retain the Challenge Trophy permanently.
    1.  The organizer of each event is responsible to prepare give-away trophies.
  7. Every college/university shall only send one team at a time, except when there are entries not taken up by other member colleges; it may send additional team(s).
  8. Upon confirmation, the participating colleges/universities shall be liable to pay up the participation/entry fees to the organizer, even if the college/universities decide to withdraw at the last moment. The participating colleges/universities are advised to pay up the participation/entry fees to the organizer in advanced. In the event that these colleges/universities fail to pay the participation/entry fees after two (2) months from the end of these competitions, the competition organizers have the right to write in to the MAPCU Sports Secretary to issue a letter to these colleges/universities’ Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to inform them of the problem. This clause will to be included in all reply slips.
  9. All participating teams must be MAPCU members.
  10. Only full time undergraduate and graduate students from the MAPCU members are allowed to participate.
  11. For all team games, players must wear proper uniform with numbers.
  12. Except for swimming, each player is limited to play maximum 2 matches/categories for the same sport events.
  13. The manager of a team must be either a member of the staff, lecturer of that institution or non-playing member of the College team (MUST provide a letter from the College).
  14. Engagement of Empires/referees/linesmen etc.
    1.  They must be officially certified by the respective sport associations.
    2.  They must be engaged for all matches. Except for badminton, table tennis, tennis and road relay.
    3.  Certified empires/referees are to be appointed for semi-finals and finals only.
    4.  Prior to semi-finals, referees/empires/linesmen can be appointed from 3rd college, the organizer or the participating teams with consensus from the teams involved in the matches.
  15. All participating teams shall strictly adhere to all rules set.
  16. A strict control must be imposed on checking the student ID. If the student cannot provide his/her ID, at least he/she has to provide a letter from his/her College Registrar and original enrolment payment slip to confirm his/ her status.
  17. Any violation may result in anyone or both the following penalties to be imposed on them:
    1.  Disqualify the player from the tournament.
    2.  Disqualify the college’s team who cheats in the events.
  18. Any misconduct of a player is to be reported to both MAPCU and the college concerned for actions to be taken. The organizing committee will report to the MAPCU Sport Secretariat and respective college’s Student Affairs.
  19. Should there be a dispute,
    1.  The complainant party shall pay to the organizer in cash a fee lower than the registration fee;
    2.  A Dispute Committee shall consist of the organizing chairman or representative, head of referees or representative and 3 managers or representative from other colleges/universities who are not involved in the dispute;
    3.  Decision of the Dispute Committee is final.
  20. All results, a full report with write-up and photos have to be submitted to MAPCU at the end of the tournament/matches by the organizers, 2 weeks after the event.
  21. Point system